Types of Membership

What type of Membership is right for you?

MLP’s 600-strong membership includes leading professionals in landscape design and installation, lawn care, landscape maintenance, plant health care, irrigation and water management.  

Members also include students, consultants, suppliers, and allied industry members. MLP offers a variety of membership types to suit your needs. Have questions about which category fits you best? Just give us a call at 508.653.3373.

MEMBERSHIP categories

Commercial Active Member

Companies and organizations actively engaged in landscape management, design/build installation, lawn care, landscape architecture/design, or other landscape industry services are eligible for Commercial Active membership.

Dues are based on the number of full time employees averaged across the span of a year.

CA1: 0-5 employees: $315
Member benefits for member and up to 5 additional employees

CA2: 6-10 employees: $425
Member benefits for member and up to 10 additional employees

CA3: 11-20 employees: $595
Member benefits for member and up to 20 additional employees

CA4: 21+ employees: $765
Member benefits for member and up to 30 additional employees

* Employees of member companies receive all member benefits, including 2 credits toward their MCLP recertification, but do not have voting privileges.  Employees may be registered into our membership database, but are only required to be in the database if they are MCLPs or Study Guide owners.  Other employees may be registered for events by the company member holder by choosing the "Employee of Member Company"  ticket.  If the quantity of employees recorded in our database exceeds your dues level, you will be automatically rolled into the next tier and billed accordingly the following year. 

Individual Active Member

Individual Active membership is available to individuals with a connection to an entity whose sole profits are not derived from the landscape industry (i.e. municipal personnel, property manager, golf course superintendent, general contractor). Annual dues are $195.

Note:  for municipalities or organizations where multiple employees desire membership, the appropriate sized Commercial Active category should be selected.  Individual Active memberships extend benefits only to the member holder.

Associate Member

Associate membership is available to individuals, or firms, supplying products or services used by the landscape industry. Annual dues are $400.

Membership runs on a calendar year from January 1 – December 31**. 

** FIRST TIME MEMBERS are eligable for a pro-rated dues amount based on the month they sign up. The adjusted amount will calculate automatically by the system when you submit your new member application. Membership is approved/confirmed upon receipt of the completed application and full payment. Pro-rated dues are not available to lapsed / renewing MLP members. 

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Above dues rates are effective through December 31, 2020.
Trade association dues are deductible for most members as an ordinary and necessary business expense.  Dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution. 30% of MLP dues are attributable to lobbying expenses and are not deductible.

updated 10.4.19